SB-3 Hearing Amplifier (Pair)


  • Charging Case Included

  • 42+ Hours On Full Charge

  • Tinnitus Masking Technology

  • Discreet Design

Portable Charging Case

Forget about constantly switching out hearing amplifier batteries. Plug your hearing amplifier into charging case and have them fully recharged within 2 hours. Get 42+ hours of use per single charge. 

Nearly Invisible

Our SB-3 is 60% smaller than our FL-1 model from the previous year. No one needs to know you are wearing a hearing amplifier. The SB-3 comes with 4 dome sizes to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Packed With Technology

 SB-3 is compatible with 96% of hearing loss cases that range from mild-to-severe. SB-3 includes tinnitus management chip. Soft speech is boosted and loud noises are suppressed with the new microchip.

How Can We Sell Hearing Amplifiers For $199?

Its simple, we manufacture our own hearing amplifiers and cut out the middleman.

Why Choose SB-3


  • Battery Operated

  • Bulky Design

  • No Volume Adjustment

  • Expensive

  • Standard Amplification


  • Rechargeable

  • Small & Invisible

  • Adjustable Volume

  • 80% Cheaper Than Competitors

  • Enhanced Feedback Cancelation

Questions? Answers

How are prices so low? What's the catch?

We have a direct-to-consumer business structure. Meaning we cut out the middle man and bring those savings directly to you.

Do these help with Tinnitus?

Definitely! Our hearing amplifier helps alleviate tinnitus by masking the internal ringing.

Will these fit my ear?

We include 4 different size of earbuds with your order, allowing you to find your perfect fit.

Do you have a return policy?

We are confident that our hearing aid will be an absolute life-changer for you. However if you are not satisfied let us know, we have a 60-day money-back return policy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2919 reviews
Gloria White

This hearing aids are really good for the price

Anastacio Lang

bought for my father, who had previously used various hearing aids. He is now hearing and speaking as he did 20 years ago after using this for 30 days; I would definitely buy it again. Excellent in terms of charging, usability, and battery life. A great investment.

Bulah Ruecker

This hearing aid was excellent! It was incredibly simple to use.

Hobart Boyer

I acquired these hearing aids for my grandmother because she needed to replace her expensive "prescription" brands. She adores them and believes they perform better than any other brand of hearing aids prescribed by a doctor she has ever used. I appreciate this thing so much. My Nana appreciates the aid a lot.

Leonardo Dreissigacker

These are excellent and effective. These were purchased for my mother-in-law, whose hearing has been poorer over time. To communicate with her, we would have to nearly yell. You could hardly stand to be in the same room as her because of how loud her television would be. But that has changed thanks to these hearing aids. She can hear noises in the adjacent room even on the low ends